Virus Removal Cramlington

If you have ever gotten suspicious of your computer hardware not performing as it normally should, there may be a gremlin or two crawling around in your system.
Whether you prefer working on a Mac or laptop, you absolutely need to have the latest anti-virus definitions installed on all your systems. Our virus removal experts in Cramlington ensure that you computer is fully protected from any potential virus damage. What’s more, you are also preventing yourself from accidentally passing on viruses to other people each time you share files or send emails.

Ransomware, malware and virus attacks have become a serious threat in recent years. In fact, they have now become even harder to deal with the longer a virus stays in your system. Cryptowall is only one example of ransomware that sends a Trojan horse into your computer so that all files are barred from access through encryption. At that point, the only way to access your files is to pay so that they can be decrypted to be used again. These threats usually take form through spam emails, malware or exploit kits that are using compromised sites and malicious ads as cover

laptop full of viruses

If you get unlucky enough to have a Trojan virus executed on a compromised system, you may already know that the virus creates multiple registry entries which store the encrypted files’ path. These entries are referenced every time your system starts. Files with specific extensions are encrypted first on your computer and then additional files with instructions are created which tell you how to get a decryption key.

In short, you really do not want to be on the receiving end because the hacker or malicious individual who is behind all this will attempt to convince you to pay serious money in order to have your files unlocked.

Our virus removal service in Cramlington is second to none – we are aware of all the latest “tricks in the book” that hackers and exploiters use to break into desktop computers and laptops. We will perform a full and deep virus scan to effectively remove all forms of viruses, malware, spyware, adware, worms and Trojans so that your computer is never compromised.