Laptop Repairs

At Geeks on Wheels, we are Northumberland laptop repair experts in all laptop brands. Perhaps your laptop is not running as fast as it used to or refuses to run at all – since laptops have gotten fairly cheap, it’s easy to just discard the old one and buy a new one. However, why throw away a valuable piece of mobile computing when you can save yourself plenty of money, by optimising it to run better and even have minor upgrades installed to give it a much needed speed boost? At the end of the day, you are getting what you want: a significantly faster running laptop at a much lower price than a new laptop.Our goal is to save you money and keep your valuable laptop running at peak efficiency. Here are the laptop repair services in Northumberland we offer including laptop repairs in Bedlington
woman sitting at a desk using her laptop

Slow Running Laptop

Your laptop may feel slower than usual the longer you use it. The temptation to throw it away to go for a newer and faster model is high since laptop prices continue to decline steadily. Here’s the thing: newer, cheaper laptops have Intel Atom processors which, in theory, may be even slower than your current laptop. It’s important to know that one of the most common causes of laptops not performing well on a consistent, day-to-day basis can be malware, adware and viruses or a hard drive that’s either about to fail or not optimised to run properly. Check with our laptop repair at home service before throwing away your “slow” laptop.
man fixing macbook in computer workshop

Damaged Screen

Are there any visible cracks on your laptop screen? Does it flicker intermittently? Do you feel the screen is not as bright as it used to be or does the screen fade to black soon after starting up?

Laptop issues like these are all in a day’s work for us. We have the most common laptop screens in stock –your screen can be fixed the same day whether you want laptop repairs in Bedlington or Northumberland. If you are concerned about having someone repair your beloved MacBook, worry not – our technicians have well over a decade’s worth experience in fixing Apple laptop screens and they do it for considerably less.

Power Issues

The DC jack on your laptop, more commonly known as the power socket where the power cable goes, can break without warning. But you have nothing to worry about as our laptop repair at home service covers this.
If your laptop only works on backup power and does not charge properly or if you feel that the DC jack has to be wobbled around just to get your laptop to power up, you may be looking at a faulty DC jack. You need to have the DC jack replaced before it gets any worse. The thing is, every time you wiggle or wobble it around to turn on your laptop, you are risking an electrical surge to your laptop which can either cause data loss or cause component failure; your laptop may be rendered almost completely useless.

Overheating/Ventilation Issues

If your laptop suddenly shuts off after just 20-30 minutes (this may vary according to ambient temperature), you are most likely looking at an overheating and/or ventilation issue. It probably gets very hot at the base as well.
Don’t let excess heat kill off your laptop silently. Our laptop repairs in Bedlington include laptop servicing to give it a good cleaning from the inside so that the fans venting heat away from your machine are clean and operating at the correct speed. Dust can be a silent killer as well, and what’s worse, some laptops often come with poorly designed ventilation systems to begin with.
If you continue to let your laptop run too hot, the internal chips and circuitry can get damaged, leading to data loss or even complete failure at some point. We will clean up the internal fans so that air flows adequately through your laptop. In addition, we will replace the standard thermal compound on the chips and replace it with our own high-performance compound which helps heat dissipate faster from the processor and graphics chip. This also allows for optimal performance of your laptop.

Laptop Keypad Repair/Replacement

Are you missing certain keys on your laptop? Did you accidently spill any liquids and now can’t get some of the keys to work? Are the keys loose or popping off randomly? In most cases, keyboard replacement is a better alternative to repairs. Our laptop repair service in Northumberland has spare parts for all laptop brands, including MacBooks.
laptop keyboard

Liquid Damage

Turn your laptop upside down so as to drain all the excess liquid out of it – if it’s just water you spilled over, then you may be able to turn it back on in a few days. However, sugary beverages, including alcohol, can cause corrosion on your laptop’s internal components and if this is neglected long enough, you are looking at unnecessary repairs down the line.Give us a call and our laptop repair at home guys will give you advice on immediate preventive measures to take. They will strip down your laptop if need be and clean every individual component through an ultrasonic cleaner, making it work like new again. However, depending on the extent of the fluid damage, there may be times when the keyboard or even the motherboard might need to be replaced.